Test Your Travel Savvy #8

Where in the World?

Can You Identify Where This Photo Was Taken?

Enter your answer as a comment. The answer will be posted on the Quiz Answers page.

Hint: This is iconic landmark is often used in travel brochures.

Can You Identify the Location of this Iconic Landmark?

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Russian Rainbow

Russian Rainbow

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Russian Rainbow

I caught this interesting photo in Vladimir, one of the medieval capitals of Russia just 120 miles from Moscow. Vladimir is the first stop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the gateway to the stunning little village of Suzdal about a 20 mile bus . . . → Read More: Russian Rainbow

Blue Orb Travel ‘Best Pick’ Destinations

The River Severn, Shrewsbury, England

Add These Often Overlooked Travel Gems to Your Itinerary This Year

Check out some of John’s favorite places by visiting these Blue Orb ‘Best Picks’ when you travel this summer. By clicking on the link it will take you to our full article on each travel destination.

Shrewsbury, England

A charming little town . . . → Read More: Blue Orb Travel ‘Best Pick’ Destinations

The Cathedrals of Russia

St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow, Russia

The Cathedrals of Russia

It is exciting to think that the Russian Federation may soon have closer and more friendly ties with the rest of the world, particularly the western world and most particularly with the United States. Having traveled Russia from north to south and west to east, I’ve had the opportunity to . . . → Read More: The Cathedrals of Russia

Christmas in Finland

Santa Claus Figure Outside Shop in Helsinki, Finland

Christmas in Finland, Where Santa Lives

When contemplating travel during the month of December we usually think of the Christmas Markets of Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic. One of my favorite Christmas shops is Kathe Wohlfahrt’s year round shop in Rothenburg, Germany. But Christmas is actually celebrated throughout the world, including . . . → Read More: Christmas in Finland

Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland

The Old Train Station at Porvoo, Finland

On a recent trip to Finland, Russia and Ukraine I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful little town of Porvoo, Finland. Just a 30 mile bus ride from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, Porvoo is a small medieval town located on the River Porvoonjoki. I was . . . → Read More: Porvoo, Finland