Traveling the world not only allows you to explore its many wonders, but is also a great way to make new friends…and a friendly planet is a peaceful planet.  There are an endless number of interesting places, people and cultures out there and seeing them up close and meeting them personally will enrich your life.  Traveling the world will surely change your perspective and help you appreciate what you have.

          Traveling can be an education in itself and provides an opportunity to learn many life lessons and skills.  Not only will you learn many interesting things about other countries and diverse people, but you will remember what you learned far better than if you had read about it in a textbook.

          Finally, it is important to remember that each traveler serves as a personal ambassador for his country.  One’s attitude, actions and demeanor can have a significant impact on how others will view their home country.

“Suspended at the center of an infinite universe lies a blue orb.”

From ‘The Blue Orb’ by Torm Guntvig