John’s Packing List

John’s Packing List…Too Much Information? 


-light jacket

-hiking shoes, 1 pair, mid ankle

-flip-flop sandals, 1 pair, light weight

-jeans, 2 pair

-long pants, 1 pair optional

-shorts, 1 pair, double as swim trunks

-shirts, short sleeve, 2

-shirt, long sleeve, 1 for dress up

-light sweater, to wear with jacket in cold weather

-underwear, 10 pairs each of shirts and shorts

-socks, 5 pair


-toiletry bag, with compartments


-mouth wash

-lotion, separate hand and face

-toothpaste, small travel size, 1.3 oz

-toothbrush and small cover

-dental floss

-tweezer, blunt

-scissors, small blunt

-nail clipper

-fingernail file, soft

-mirror, small


-brush, small


-soap, one bar per week and soap case

-ear plugs, optional

-eye covers, optional

-medications (see health and safety)



-laundry bag

-towel, light for use in hostel

-umbrella, collapsible

-travel alarm clock and extra battery

-watch and extra battery

-shaver and charger

-camera, memory cards and charger

-electrical converter/plug adaptors

-small case for chargers

-calculator, pocket

-small flashlight

-water bottle


-money belt, optional

-padlock, 1 large for locker, two keys

-padlock, 1 small for backpack, two keys

-padlock, 1 small, TSA approved, in case luggage

     checked on plane

-ballpoint pen

-spiral notebook, small for travel log and receipts


-Let’s Go Series or

-Lonely Planet Series


-laundry detergent

-coffee, instant


-toilet paper

-cups, plastic, 3

-extra Ziplock bags


-billfold to hold the following:

-plane ticket

-Eurail ticket if applicable

-passport, visa

-travel insurance papers and info

-copies of the above

-index card with credit card, debit card into

-index card with currency exchange rates

Note:  This list includes the clothes I’m wearing.

Packing for Your Trip

Packing for Your Trip

          When I travel with a backpack, I like to have as many of the comforts of home as will fit into the pack.  It’s important, however, to keep it around 25 pounds so that it’s not so heavy that I can’t carry it for a long period if necessary.  Recently, I’ve used the Eagle Creek (Voyage 65L) pack which has a detachable day pack and is just the right size to fit all the items in the packing list that follows.  This pack is attractive, sturdy, easy to use and works as a carry-on for plane travel.  When boarding a plane, I wear the day pack on my back and carry the main portion of the pack which converts to a carry-on suit case.

Trip Duration

          I find that a trip duration of about 19 days is ideal for me and I take just enough clothing so that I only have to find a laundromat once during the trip.  The items on this list have been compiled after numerous trips over the years, but, of course, should be customized for each individual.  They are also designed for a man and would need to be adjusted for a woman traveler.  You will also notice that I do not take music devices or extra reading material, preferring instead to immerse myself in the music and culture of my destination and study my travel book and perhaps read local newspapers.

Fully Loaded Back Pack

Fully Loaded Back Pack