Thinking of a Caribbean Cruise?

Caribbean Adventures

If you’ve got your heart set on a Caribbean holiday next year, don’t just settle for a week in a hotel.  Why not ramp up the indulgence factor and make it a holiday to remember by taking a Caribbean cruise?

If goes without saying that Caribbean cruises are pretty special.  Just think of all those dreamy destinations you could visit within the space of a week, a fortnight or more – from the Bahamas to Barbados, Aruba to Florida, Dominican Republic to Haiti – and a whole host of other places just waiting to be discovered.  What’s great about a cruise is that you get to visit a number of destinations throughout your holiday rather than staying put in one resort.  And you’ll get plenty of time to explore each new location, too.  Most cruises sail overnight and dock at each destination early in the morning, giving visitors ample time to alight and explore the sights and sounds of each new location in their own time, or by taking an organised tour.  Then it’s back onto the ship in the evening, ready to head off to the next magical destination.

Once you’re onboard, the adventure doesn’t stop there.  Cruise liners have evolved over recent years and they’re now packed to the gun whales with thrilling things to see, do and experience.  Take Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Of The Seas for instance.  Energetic types can get their kicks scaling a 30-foot rock-climbing wall, gliding around the ice skating rink, trying their luck in the casino or dancing the night away in a lively nightclub.  Then there’s a leisurely mini-golf course, spa facilities, dance classes, pottery-making sessions, and so much more.

Phew!  Talk about Caribbean adventures.  The only difficulty you’ll have is deciding which cruise itinerary to take, which liner tickles your fancy, and which long list of sizzling Caribbean islands you most want to visit. Better get started…